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Cosmetic Surgery Trends 2008 : The Future Outlook

Each year new cosmetic procedures are popularized – by celebrities and by everyday people. Looking your best is something that never goes out of style, and the search for the Fountain of Youth continues. Below we highlight some of the top plastic surgery trends you can expect in 2008.

Breast Augmentation – This procedure has been popular for quite some time, but with the reintroduction of silicone implants and upcoming options like highly cohesive gel implants and gummy bear implants, breast augmentation keeps gaining in popularity. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), breast augmentation was the #1 surgical cosmetic procedure of 2006 with 329,326 procedures performed, up 55% from 2000.

Injectables and Noninvasive Treatments – Botox® and fillers such as Restylane®, JuvedermTM and their cousins will continue to become more widely used. Not only do these noninvasive procedures help return skin to its youthful look, but the procedures require pretty much no down time or recovery time. They can help with laugh lines and smile lines, and the results can last for many months – definitely giving people something to smile about.

Mommy Makeovers – More and more women have been opting for multiple procedures (or mommy makeovers) to return their bodies to their prepregnancy shape – or to improve upon it after they’ve had their children. Popular mommy makeover combos include a breast lift and/or augmentation, tummy tucks and liposuction. There is a growing plastic surgery trend that involves women getting back to their active lifestyles and prebaby bodies – and feeling like a million bucks.
What is the brazilian butt lift ?

What is the brazilian butt lift?
It is said that Jennifer Lopez has done for the rear end what Pamela Anderson has done for the front end. Over the last few years the buttocks and abdomen have received more press coverage than ever before.The brazilian butt lift is not just about big butts!.

The brazilian butt lift is a type of butt augmentation procedure which results in a youthful, prominent, perky buttocks and a more sensual body profile. People of all ages are having the butt lift procedure. Dr. Cisneros removes fat from selected areas of your body, purifies the fat, then reinjects selected donor fat cells into your buttocks. The process of fat reinjection involves scores or hundreds of injections. The procedure is designed to fill the upper quadrant of your buttocks so that the butt appears lifted and perky. The resulting effect is that the woman appears more attractive and sensuous.

If I am more concerned with increasing the size of my buttocks, can I have butt implants instead?
There are two different ways to enlarge your buttocks:
1) Brazilian Butt Lift: Fat injections or fat transfer to the butt
2) Butt Implants: Insertion of silicone implants
Dr. Cisneros will recommend butt implants over the brazilian butt lift ONLY IF you are really tiny and have no body fat stored in your abdomen.If you have enough donor fat, Dr. Cisneros prefers to augment the butt using fat injections-the brazilian butt lift. He believes that this method results in the most natural and sensual look for the buttock area. He only recommends butt implants if you are very tiny with no fat in your stomach or flank area. The fat transfer method has a lower risk of infection compared to the butt implant procedure.
An additional benefit of this fat injection method is that you not only get a more shapely buttock, but the area liposuctioned is now much leaner, giving your profile a more sensuous look. Dr. Cisneros prefers the brazilian butt lift, as the combination of liposuction and fat injections produces the most attractive and natural profile.

How is the fat injected into the buttocks?
The buttock is first contoured by performing liposuction in the areas around the buttocks to make them stand out more. Common areas liposuctioned include the back- directly above the butt, the stomach, and the thighs. Note that even the liposuction alone will give your lower body a more attractive look.
The fat suctioned from these areas is carefully processed and purified such that only a fraction of the donor fat removed will qualify for re-injection to the buttocks. In order to get enough qualified fat, Dr. Cisneros must liposuction at least 3 areas of your body. After liposuction, Dr. Cisneros carefully purifies the fat so that only the best donor fat cells are reinjected back into your buttocks for augmentation. The fat is placed or transferred to the buttocks with special cannulas.
Dr. Cisneros injects small amounts of purified fat into different areas of the buttocks and at various depths so that the patient will get the highest permanent absorption rate. Thus, the procedure usually involves ‘hundreds’ of micro fat injections. Correct injection methods are essential to achieve a uniform, smooth, natural appearance to the buttocks.

How long do the fat injections last?
If the fat is harvested, processed, and injected correctly, the result should be long lasting. The procedure should not require touch ups or a second round of fat injections. Please read Dr. Cisneros personal blog about why fat injections are permanent when done correctly. The brazilian butt lift result is highly dependent upon the experience of the surgeon. Surgeons who are not using correct purification or injection methods will not obtain long lasting results. Be sure that your surgeon is experienced in this procedure!

How popular is the brazilian butt lift surgery?
Dr. Cisneros performs the brazilian butt lift procedure several times per month. He has years of experience with various butt lifting, body lifting, and fat transfer techniques.

What is the cost of the brazilian butt lift?
The average TOTAL cost of butt augmentation with fat injections, (the brazilian butt lift) averages is different in every patients . Keep in mind that you also get a complete body resculpting (abdomen and flanks) with this procedure. Fees quoted include the physician’s fee, anesthesia, hospital costs, post operative nursing care, and all post operative office visits, and hosting place . You should not have to return for any additional injections. Dr. Cisneros has a very special fat injection technique to ensure long lasting results.
The fee varies slightly depending on the amount of fat which needs to be extracted in order to achieve the desired result. Dr. Cisneros will determine the number of areas which need to be liposuctioned in order to achieve your goal. This is discussed at length in your consultation.

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