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In order to create attractive, youthful buttocks, it is important that your surgeon understand the the features that are common to attractive youthful buttocks in all ethnic groups.

A smooth inward sweep of the lumbosacral area and waist.

A very feminine cleavage as the buttocks separate superiorly and inferiorly.

Maximum prominence in the mid to upper buttocks.

There should be minimal infragluteal crease, with no droop above this line.

Sacral dimples or depressions may be present or absent in attractive youthful buttocks, but are not a determinant of their beauty; rather, they are incidental.

Tijuana plastic surger

Universal Ideals of Beautiful Buttocks

As in any cosmetic surgery, the surgeon must understand not only the patient’s requests, but also any universal ideals of proportions and contours that create the impression of beauty and youth.

Most cultures have different ethnic ideals of buttocks shape. Dr. CISNEROS this concept from more than 300 buttocks augmentations (275 by micro fat grafting and 25 implant cases) and the photographs they brought in as an example of ideal buttocks shape.

There does not seem to be any other area of plastic surgery other than Rhinoplasty where cultural ideals are so crucial to patient satisfaction. The American population is ethnically more diverse than most other buttocks augmentation patients.

Tijuana plastic surger


1- Use of properly designed buttock implants:
There are two types of implants to be used for this procedures: solid and cohesive.
First type is made out of very dense silicone type, which, by the way, we never use because of all the discomfort and poor natural appearance they offer. We work with cohesive ones, which is a lighter silicone type of gel, with a very natural adjusting capacity, yet very strong and resistant. It is important to say that cohesive silicone is totally safe for human body as it is approved by the F.D.A.

Trying to use breast implants and other inappropriate implants in the buttocks is an entirely wrong decision as stress on buttock implants caused by sitting, walking and running is totally different from the one breast implants were designed to endure.
We use high quality implants that are designed for the amount of wear and stress that buttock implants receive.

2. Correct choice of buttock implants size:
Choosing the correct buttock implant size to be used in buttocks augmentation surgery is a very important aspect to be considered. Not taking properly into account patient’s body guidelines may result into dramatic mistakes. Going after a huge butt just for the sake of a particular fantasy may lead to unnecessary rejection of implants.

Plastic surgery, nowadays, must not only offer total safety within the frame of beauty proposals, but must also meet an aesthetic criteria heading towards art and elegance where any kind of excess is just not accepted.

3. Using the correct surgical technique:
Buttock implants must be placed deep under the muscle where they look, act and feel natural. We have seen many problems from surgeons who do not have adequate training in this procedure, placing the implants just under the skin which cannot work long terms. Our medical staff has gained vast experience through years of practice in this area. South America gives much importance to good developed buttocks and in this part of the world this procedure is highly required.